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All of our Orchard Products Sugarcraft cutters are designed and manufactured in the UK and our designs are copy right protected. Any duplication of our products by any mean are strictly prohibited. We use every available options including legal action to protect our product designs. Any infringement will results in legal proceeding.

If you are our trader, we are more than happy to use our images for your selling promotion.

Welcome to Orchard Products®

Mainly for trade - You need to login to see our Trade Price. If you are a trader and if you want to open a trade account please contact us by email with your full business address, contact name and phone number.

If you are not a trade customer, you may still be able order from this website, but you may be better off by contacting your local cake decorating / sugarcraft shops for these items.

Made in Britain

All Orchard Products® Sugarcraft Cutters are Made in Britain.

Orchard Products was established over 30 years ago and the cutters are still being manufactured in the UK to the high standard set by the founder.

The OP cutters are made from high grade plastic that meets all the food standard regulations. The OP sugarcraft cutters stays flat use after use and do not stick to the sugar flower paste, thus making easier for the users to remove the cut pieces effortlessly.

These tools are well loved by numerous Sugarcraft tutors worldwide. All OP cutters and tools can be used with almost any soft materials, such as modelling chocolate, sugar paste, modelling clay, etc