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OP Sugarcraft Hobby Starter Pack

OP Sugarcraft Hobby Starter Pack


In stock

UK Made finest quality Sugarcraft Cutters and Tools*

Ideal sugarcraft start up present This package include all the tool you need to start the Sugarcraft Hobby

Sugarcraft Board - Grooved Board 9 x 6 inch 12mm thick

Non-Stick Rolling Pin -200 x 25mm

OP Five petal flower cutter set F710

OP Rose Petal cutter set R14

OP Rose Calyx & Briar Rose Cutter set #OP R11-14

OP Rose Leaf Cutter Set R576A

OP Rose Leaf veiner setR819

OP Six Petals Cutter set Large N14

OP Veining tool set OP2

OP Ball Tool OP1

OP Foarm Pad PD1

OP Folding Sugarflower Stand OPS12

OP Sugarcraft Wire #24

Sugar Flower Tape - Green

Sugar Flower Stamen Tiny White SF08

OP Book No 1

Happy Sugarcraft

*Wires, stamens and tape made outside EEC

Price: 42.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)