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Sugarcraft Board Set ( 9 x 6" Grooved board and 200x 25mm Rolling pin with non-slip mat)

Sugarcraft Board Set ( 9 x 6


In stock

Sugarcraft Board Set - 9 x 6 Grooved board and 200mm x 25mm Non-Stick Rolling pin with non-slip mat

There are a four of grooves of various length which makes rolling out your leaves and flower petals very quick and easy, leaving them thickened centre veins which are perfect for easily inserting wires. The board also has 2 sizes of holes ideal for making "Mexican hats" for some type of sugar flowers.

Other side is smooth surface for rolling out sugarpaste, Supplied with a non-slip mat for stopping the board from slipping around.

Price: 14.99 (Excluding VAT at 20%)